♫♪  Ratkiller - Comfortably Declined

You know when you go in for surgery, and they put you under, and then you wake up with painted nails, and no one in the surgical room will acknowledge that your fingers and toenails are bright red? And then, after staring at your nails in confused disbelief, you look up and see one nurse in the corner with red gunk smeared all over their scrubs, and that gunk is DEFINITELY not blood? Well, that motherfucker undoubtedly has a Ratkiller tape jamming in his Walkman, causing him to do all sorts of actively bizarre tasks.

After self-releasing some great tapes, as well as putting out four slammers on Rotifer, Ratkiller is back with another limited cassette, this time on Baba Vanga, entitled Comfortably Declined. And who’s to say that nurse’s actions weren’t warranted. Ratkiller’s tunes fit perfectly with poking fun at serious situations. The dark-tinged dance vibes mix with more upbeat jazzy samples, bouncing back and forth quickly between your headphones. Things get spooky, but not too spooky. Like painted nails in a sterile room.

My advice, continuously bump Comfortably Declined while the anesthesia wears off, rest and recover back to full health, then hunt down that fucking nurse and make him PAY FOR WHAT HE’S DONE!!!

• Ratkiller: https://ratkiller.bandcamp.com/
• Baba Vanga: https://babavanga.bandcamp.com

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