♫♪  Reggae 90210 - Reggae 90210

Moon Glyph’s latest release from Reggae 90210 is not reggae nor was it recorded in Shannen Doherty’s basement, but the Northern California trio do have that free-falling-off-a-US-1-cliff everyone pictures when they think of Californian music. The psych rock bludgeoning out from the five-track debut is morphic, casually kneading this massive ball of guitar-driven clay, stretching and folding into itself, becoming as tight built as can be. And while Reggae 90210 isn’t reggae, their self-titled was produced by reggae producer King Hopeton in Helltown, California, which is a pretty incredible making-of that reads more like Charles Manson fanfic.

Reggae 90210 is out now with a limited run of 150 tapes are available through Moon Glyph’s site.

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