♫♪  Rhys Chatham - Harmonie du soir [Excerpts]

Do0oO0dz and doOo0odettezz!! Rhys Chatham is such an underrated shredder, right? I know we all often place him next to Glenn Branca because Branca shreds equally hard and writes similarly minded minimalist guitar music, but it’s important we remember Chatham as a unique shredd-tastic shredder, and what a better way to do that than with a new album of pure unadulterated shred? And trust me, the three pieces on Chatham’s new record,Harmonie du soir shred.

The opening title piece is one of the most beautifully recorded examples of Chatham’s shred yet, with the guitars’ harmonics shimmering and resonating with more prominence than ever before. The second piece explores another side of Chatham’s shred with a beautiful slow burning work for brass ensemble and percussion, showing how effective Chatham’s large group writing techniques can be when applied to any number of instruments. Finally, the record closes with an awesomely rearranged Chatham shred classic. Look, you guys,Harmonie du soir shreds in a way that is distinctively Chatham, and it firmly reestablishes his position as a modern master of compositional and instrumental shred.

Harmonie du soir is out now on Northern Spy. You can stream excerpts of the record via Experimedia below.

• Rhys Chatham http://www.rhyschatham.net
• Northern Spy http://www.northernspyrecords.com
• Experimedia http://www.experimedia.net

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