♫♪  Rhys Chatham - “Un chanson si vieille”

At an exhibit last year in Paris featuring the artwork of Jacob Kassay, multi-instrumentalist and visionary composer Rhys Chatham created beaming ambience to serve as the soundtrack to the visual experience. The art consisted simply of tarnished mirrors on stark white walls. Chatham’s addition to the scene mimics the brightness and minimalism in the gallery, as he improvises freely on a barely-processed trumpet over a shining synth glare.

For all of us who missed the show, small time label Primary Information has released the recording of the performance in the form of a four-track LP, with sleek and simple cover art designed by Kassay. It is entitled Rêve Parisien.

Chatham has been producing excellent experimental music since the early 1980s, as this is his 19th release (or so). He has collaborated with greats such as Charlemagne Palestine and Tony Conrad, and has orchestrated fantastic live performances of his music throughout the years (such as 200-guitar-army, which he has gathered several times to perform his powerful piece entitled Crimson Grail). Rêve Parisien is a little more subtle and intimate than some of Chatham’s previous live productions, but proves to be as equally poignant.

Rêve Parisien is available through Primary Information’s site, which also features two teasers from the recording, including the clip below.

• Primary Information: http://primaryinformation.org/index.php?/upcoming/rhys-chathamreve-parisien
• Rhys Chatham: http://www.rhyschatham.net
• Jacob Kassay: http://jacobkassay.com

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