Richard Chartier
“Recurrence (room/crosstones)”

Over its 12-year lifespan, Richard Chartier’s LINE imprint has documented the outer fringes of extreme sonic minimalism. Chartier treats us to the tonal ambience of a room, to rough-textured “convolution processes,” and on one occasion to the sound of on old 1960s East German advert music synth. His curation is clear and his musical contribution uniquely original.

Yet listening to Chartier’s forthcoming album, Recurrence, on laptop speakers, iPod headphones, or this is unbearably dull. Only with a pair of bulging headphones or bass-heavy speakers does this microsonic piece develop its tense and arresting magic. The bass weight drags in a bizarre, ear-popping way, and the phone-off-the-hook ringing hangs eerily in dead air. Chartier has captured quietness in a disturbingly controlled way. Listen to Recurrence’s first track here:

Recurrence is out in November on LINE.

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