♫♪  Rick Weaver - Blue Sky

Bark Gnarly, professional knife tosser and hair loss advocate, dick-swinging in a kitchen. Lathered toast, burnt right for the cat-sized cupboard mouse. Fruit flies dance about the typed-and-printed poem taped to the mountainous stack of crusted dishes in the corner. It reads “Rick Weaver Left This Place A Mess. Rick Weaver Left This Place A Week Ago. Rick Weaver Is Now Better Or Worse.” A dog died outside the yard last week. Only Strangers mourned its corpse. Six missed calls from loose-lipped collection agents. No house with carpet should go through what this has. Rick Weaver’s Blue Sky is available through Haord Records.

*Rick Weaver is a real body. Check it out here and may I suggest the work under Dinner Music. [Editor’s Note: It also appears Monet is unaware Mr. Weaver is a peer of ours here at Tiny Mix Tapes, which is also a delight because it just adds to the Choco chest of treasure.]

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