♫♪  RiFF RaFF - “Kokayne”

I’ll be 100% honest with you: until last week I was the last person on Earth who would be postin’ to TMT about Riff Raff. I had ZERO interest in the rapper who James Franco may or may not have based his appearance in “Spring Breakers” on; but thanks to Juiceboxxx’s recent “Music in 2k14” post, I decided to give Riff Raff’s debut album, Neon Icon (via Mad Decent), a listen. It’s rare to hear an album that effortlessly weaves hip-hop, dance, power pop, and country, but Raff does it. “Kokayne,” produced by Diplo, heads into power pop/rap rock fusion territory, and I love it! Think Limp Bizkit but if they grew up Daytona Beach in the Instagram Age (or something! THAT was a terrible analogy!). Some may dismiss the whole thing as “snarky,” “dumb,” or “childish,” but I don’t know, it just hits the spot on whatever it is I’ve been looking for lately. This is real, emotional music! If you dig “Kokayne” I would highly recommend checking out the rest of the album (stream HERE), featuring classics like “Time” and “VIP Pass to My Heart.” Neon Icon may not make it on to many end of the year lists, but whatever! At least, you’ll be in on one of the most inventive, fun records of the year!

• Riff Raff: https://www.facebook.com/RiffRaffMadDecent
• Mad Decent: http://maddecent.com

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