♫♪  Rihanna - “Consideration” (Color Plus Edit)

Swim Team heavy-weight Color Plus just can’t leave ears alone this year. February just began, and the NYC producer already has a thousand tracks posted and completed a Mixpak FM set (here). What the fuck is there left to do? Obviously get in contact with Rihanna’s people to bank off her recent #1 iTunes status with ANTI. Oh, Color Plus was turned down by Rihanna personally? (Rumor is they had a few summer flings). Solution: bootleg edit the FUCK outta her “Consideration” single. And beside the title’s literal hilarity in this instance, Color Plus obliterates what was ever radio accessible, flipping it entirely for the dimly lit basement club off the corner of “FUCK YOU, SECRET SHOW, YOU GONNA DANCE?” “Consideration” (Color Plus Edit) at first isn’t as movement-ready as one may thing, but it’s entirely built around movement. Whether you’re making up a new move or just nodding, “Consideration” (Color Plus Edit) subliminally entices listeners to praise the track with physical motion. What, you don’t already feel it? You will:

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