Rob Magill
Love Is Mental Illnesses Greatest Enemy

Set aside all your pretenses of emotion or improvement or intuition about music, and submit yourself to the art of Rob Magill. Forever endless in strife, Rob struggles to bring you the rawest form of man to mic to music you’ve heard to date. It’s not about originality. And totally not about ego. It’s Rob. He’s your man, and he’s telling you Love Is Mental Illnesses Greatest Enemy. Now, I ain’t one to tell you what to think, nor am I the embodiment of Rob’s voice, but with a deep back catalog of work, including a slew of releases this year alone, y’all gotta accept he’s got answers. And whether or not their clarity speaks to you, there’s a musical inclination here that is unlike most in the avant community — that in a way of complete feeling. Feeling of tone. Feeling of emotion. Feeling of calloused fingers tapping strings or keys or plugging wind holes. But for what outcome? It’s Rob, friends! There’s a vibe here aching to match your level, and level it is with an array of ups and downs, frustrations and difficulties, assurance and wonder. Makes you feel like there’s hope in none at all. As if there was a society based around no rules or order, and shit just works out. Rob Magill is exactly that: the dude who everyone can relate to when shit’s gone wrong. He’s you pal. He’s got the tons. He’s gonna tell ya Love Is Mental Illnesses Greatest Enemy. Pry a bit more, and you may meld with his soul. Believe!

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