♫♪  Rob Mazurek - “Spark Faun and Tiger Born”

Rob Mazurek, setting aside the hard material, springs surprise jolts to the shocker like an uninvited brat popping the party balloons. The jolts bounce on the inflatable moon, a moon as red as Michael Oliver. They protrude out of the sputter and the crunch. Up and down. Forward and backward… in the lowland explosions of Hollywood 3-D, a blow-out: of circuitous circuitry that can’t shrug away the gravity; of intercourse and resolution between the revolutions of the needle and the balloon. It’s a red-themed party… red everything. Tongues dyed red. Teeth dyed red. Red lips and fingernails.

• Rob Mazurek: http://www.robmazurek.com
• Astral Spirits: http://monofonuspress.com/astral-spirits

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