♫♪  Rome Fortune + CEEJ - loloU

Things changed since Rome Fortune and CeeJ partnered on Lolo back in 2012 – Rome has a longer Marvin Gaye tropic beard; CeeJ heads dreads. And both are on the world tour come up: Rome Fortune’s collaborative mixtape with OG Maco and well-received EP Small VVorld have deepen all scratches Lolo made three years ago. Last month’s B4FRVR from CeeJ’s ATLien collective Two9 stuck names to faces for anyone not familiar with every friend Curtis Williams keeps.

On loloU, CeeJ (half of Retro Su$hi! with Jace) nails his sunk, dreary dark room jazz choices complimenting Retro Su$hi’s parts on Two9’s outputs. for Rome and two track features from Miami Makonnen. The tape is a sequel of sorts. Track’s “doUble shots for twats” and “cociane fUtUre” are Part IIs to “Shots for Twat” and “Cocaine Present.” Rome does his Pretty Ricky love intoxicate on “joose” or Lolo’s “Pure Game, Glass Of Wine & A Blunt” and pops off threats on “chance” or Lolo’s “Circle The Block” like Ginuwine would. CeeJ is sitting pretty on the long list of friends Rome Fortune cosigns through a recent string of singles and collaborations – an idea Atlanta is thriving off.

• Rome Fortune: https://soundcloud.com/romefortune
• Two9: https://soundcloud.com/two-9

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