♫♪  Rome Fortune & OG Maco - YEP EP

Rome Fortune and OG Maco? Why the fuck not? Both are from Atlanta, both are “rising,” both also have a predilection for dyed hair, and both spat their way through 2014 with a slew of tasty mixtapes. They’ve collaborated before too: OG Maco was featured on a few tracks off Rome Fortune’s Small VVorld tape, and Rome Fortune bugged out alongside OG Maco in his video for breakthrough hit “U Guessed It.” Sure, yeah, these guys are probably stronger on their own, each idiosyncratic enough to command their own aesthetic and artistic direction, but it’s interesting to hear ‘em finding some bizarre middle ground between the chilled-out “I said, luh” approach of Rome Fortune and the aggressive “yeah yeah!!” interjections of OG Maco.

For the quintessential contrast between the two, listen to the one-two punch of “Suite Case” and “Riot.” And don’t forget to check out OG Maco’s recent self-titled mixtape, which just got high marks from us.

• Rome Fortune: https://soundcloud.com/romefortune
• OG Maco: https://soundcloud.com/og-maco

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