♫♪  Rose Buried In Sand - “Dissolving Tape”

Frontage, I don’t know if this is the way they do this sort of thing anymore. I went in for the upgrade without kicking down their door but still they charged me for the damage. But, like man, does a turnaround ever go out of style. That’s not a question worth answering. Try a cough to a cough, on the edge of some detrital fraternity lawn, the little green men, how can I tell when they’re sick, how can I tell when they’ve gone green in the face. Not a question. A cough tossed bluntly from mouth to mouth in this sick transfer.

Now I’ve inhaled your number. Easy to drop dead, hard to climb. Scraping what I can off the digs of the platter in this steel plate rotation. Stealthy enough to go undetected, because my scrapes are not made steel enough to set off the sensor. So I go about my way, boarding the plane, shifty eyed, tarmacadamed. Borderline / Feels like I’m going to lose my mind.

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