♫♪  SADAF - “War Text”

SADAF speaks and, as always, I listen. To articulate this new text her voice steadies itself against a mind full of noise. The commotive source could be a city of details, little events. Heads turned away so as not to deal with. Sinking expectations. Spiked. Singed. No respite, and a world full of other voices heard but not heeded.

She programs her’s to yell with pure misunderstanding and confusion. We do not understand. It is all confused. For that yell to echo and to complicate itself by gathering. To travel and collect. To dissipate and grow.

“War Text” can be found on the compilation Transcendence, which also features James Massiah, IVVVO, Maxwell Sterling, Alobhe, Lachrin, and Tendency. It’s out now on Nyx Unchained.

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