♫♪  Saintes - Melancholia

If I’m riding around the island in my candy apple red Lamborghini Centenario Roadster, I’m gonna want to blast something from my speakers that’ll make all those idiots driving yellow Lamborghinis look like total idiots. I mean seriously — since when did yellow become cooler than red, the go-to “notice me” paint job? Not on my watch it hasn’t.

That’s why I’ve decided on Saintes, the synthy French-pop project of Anne-Sophie Le Creurer. Her tape Melancholia is like a laser blast of quirk that’ll just stick in the craw of those elitist jerks with their tops down and their techno you can hear from a mile and a half away.

The tape, sadly, is sold out from Crash Symbols. But hey, digital’s just fine — you think this car has a tape deck? It has a USB port, son.

I imagine myself pulling up to some yellow-Lamborghini’d fool at a stop light, peering over at him through my shades, coolly acknowledging his taste in car manufacturer with a subtle nod, then cranking the ever-loving hell out of my stereo, blowing his mind with a blast of nu-haunted house (“Harry Diamonds”) or frigid goth (“Modern Pioneer”). That’ll get him thinking about his life, his choices, his future.

I mean, why even buy a Lamborghini if you’re not going to do it right?

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