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Sangam - “Traces Of The Past feat. LILLITH双生” “Traces Of The Past feat. LILLITH双生”


Vaporous, incorporeal even. There’s a mournful streak even in such airy and ascendant sounds, like you’re being lifted out your seat and into a vortex of stuttering scan lines and vacuous phone rings. A subtle post-internet touch pervades Sangam’s work, imbued with the anxiety of LILLITH双生’s sampling that reverberates beneath like an apparition. Memories can be bruising things, impressed with the marks only you’d notice if you knew where to look.

There are no fine lines in this darkly ambient track; where softness is belied, the machinations of cobwebbed, unpleasant memories persist. When “Traces Of The Past” creeps over you like an ugly, ugly fog, you’ll find yourself stumbling over one way or another. Whether it’s leaning in too far like you’ve heard a ghost or an unnerving sense of déjà vu, looking for the familiar bruises of memory, it will have you.