♫♪  Sansibar - “Nonstop”

Sometimes you gotta get deep in the 4AM electro club vibes at 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon. I quit drinking almost three months ago and had a beer on my birthday. Kinda had a mini panic attack but I’m back, letting the rhythms be my guide. It’s all a matter of just believing in yourself and learning from mistakes and moving on. “Nonstop,” a new track from Sansibar, is bringing me into those deep, bunker-like clubs I only wish I had the guts to venture to when I studied abroad in Germany. Another lesson learned: when you study abroad in Germany and visit Berlin, ask where the strangest club is, and stay there through the night until you’re ready to get lunch the following afternoon. Anyone can sample a Kraftwerk bit, but the way Sansibar incorporates a classic Kraftwerk riff into this driving, pulsing burner is beyond sick. Go to the club alone, or with your favorite crew. With a track like this, I feel like I could rave out in my mesh tank and glowsticks for hours.

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