The day has come, fans. SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP and Zona Music(a) unite! And sounds are a-Pollock. Always not your typical SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP affair, but forever the same vein of freedom, their new release The Rise And Fall Of​.​.​. is among some of the 2018 heavy movers. You going cross country? The Rise And Fall Of​.​.​. is the soundtrack to get you on the continue-path.

Major shouts-out to the “Strategy” track ft. EQ WHY (fyi: snoop WHYTRAX aye-es-aye-pea). Someone should choreograph a footwork roller-skate routine to this track. But mid jam-skate, the wheels begin to rip off. Eventually this person is footworking on golf-green turf, and chunks of dirt and grass start flinging up, almost in slow motion, but only because it’s going so fast. “Strategy” is cultural slamming. Body it:

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