♫♪  Satin Sheets - “Tanline”

Want to talk vibes?

Try one of my recent favorites: warm, wet sand rushing out from beneath your feet back into the shallow side of the Pacific Ocean. It’s the vibe of being simultaneously content to watch your friends lazily surf the waves, while also wanting to lose yourself in the water all the same. Between the cirrocumulus dunes of sand enveloping your perspective below and the utter lack of just about anything in that vast pool of sky above, it’s a wonder this isn’t an existential crisis waiting to happen. When everything is perfect around you, devoid of distractions peppering you with stimulus, there’s no sense in fighting back.

Fall back into the sand and stare at the sun or forward into the sea and join your pals. Satin Sheets has control of your sense of time. And you couldn’t hand it off soon enough. Enjoy that vibe.

Revisit the beach of St. Francis with Satin Sheets, now through 100% Electronica. Stream the absolute daydream “Tanline” below:

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