♫♪  Seki Takashi - Colors

There is an astounding amount of content, influence, and life alive, and all of it eventually evaporates whether noticed or not. Principled people ignore this, but we desperate scavengers of sensation seek out as much as we can, only to juggle between crying and blissing-out about the vastness of it all, both to ourselves and one another.

Enter Seki Takashi. Providing the calm of personal insight and reflection from the overbearing potential of total immersion in existence, his new cassette, Colors, is the long pause we all need.

Pairing “electric guitar, acoustic guitar, analog mixer, some plugins and field recordings” neatly together, the goal of turning everyday scenes into hues is accomplished with deliberately gorgeous results.

Zone out below, care of Seki Takashi and Onmyōdō Cassette.

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