♫♪  Ser Serpas - “PS1 SoundCloud Instrumentals”

On 2.5, India Salvor Menuez assembled a group of artists, musicians, and performers for her MoMA PS1 Sunday Session, Crumbling World Runway. Inside the VW dome, which was romantically lit in red and pink, artist Ser Serpas, dressed by Women’s History Museum, presented a live DJ mix from the depths of her bookmarks and browser.

Ser’s collaborator, Rin Johnson, projected a live video of the audience into the dome’s cupola, while Ser shared her computer screen onto its sides, in full disclosure. Songs from the SoundCloud playlist embedded below were live-collaged with sped-up and slowed down YouTube videos (Boards of Canada, Burial, goats screaming like humans, bird sounds just like a lazer, Harmony Korine’s 1997 interview with David Letterman), and other canned sounds, and some live poetry, and more.

Ser performed precarious, localized, improvised, personalized possibility. Her computer crashed twice, and twice it came back to life—gave life—to much applause.

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