♫♪  SH-2000 - 『Katsu Dons』

Infinite is the ocean of electronics. Plundering takes time into a realm of vastness. Vapid spirals that hurricane the Earth’s core and floor that magma melts slow too, and wait. The patience it even takes to travel to Mars, but to start digging now — to the center of our planets demon — continues eternity. So flick on that new SH-2000 (Barnaby Bennett and Patrick Whitten) viber, 『Katsu Dons』. It’ll prepare you for what’s to come: archaic tribes wallowing within caves, bats bigger than elephants, mud that permanently stains your skin, the echo of electronics from the world above, droplets of acidic sweat, creatures humans would call worms, but are more like dragons that have created a language of pops and clicks that you begin to understand and try to communicate with using whatever you can. Find it all within 『Katsu Dons』 by SH-2000 and transcend life:

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