♫♪  Sharda - “Bumper 4x4”

Grime comes from garage and dancehall, but bassline DJ Sharda shows that garage combined with dancehall doesn’t always equal grime. “Bumper 4x4” is fully garage and fully dancehall at the same time. All of Sharda’s productions have that dual identity of being cross-genre and full genre, largely because of his tendency to preserve full vocals and create a beat that drives forward in a linear fashion. But don’t think you’ve figured out Sharda because of that. The element of surprise is fully present in his work (reference his Jennifer Hudson remix). “Bumper 4x4” is part of a collection of fun little experiments called THE WORLD CARNIVAL ZIP presented by HIPSTER’S DON’T DANCE and SWING TING.

• Sharda: https://soundcloud.com/djsharda

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