♫♪  Shisa - Overcast

Pittsburgh’s Shisa (a.k.a. Perris Dietrich) remained relatively quiet since Hope Sick Cola up and disappeared last summer, but his old home Hoko Sounds brought him back with Shisa’s new Overcast EP. Shisa’s back catalog is spread out over five years and finding it all is a good deep dive exercise, running through stream searches and sidebar hyperlinks, hitting dead ends and finding odd corners.

Overcast lives in a post(?)-Post Life society influenced by past sweat lodge house raves and a Guitar Center used strobe light aisle. The petty sun took some paid time off and cruised around the Tropic of Cancer, neglecting anyone above Texas and generally acting like a child. Forming a habit in warm weather is easy. Disappearing into a corner under a cold overcast is easy. Outshining a tan gaseous monster is tactically difficult, but eases up under some shade in the Pennsylvania Commonwealth. Stop by Hoko and welcome Shisa back from it all.

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