♫♪  Sick Llama - Stage Poison

Now that you’ve polished off the contents of that bottle with the skull and crossbones on it, how do you feel?

Sick Llama, normally a resident of Fag Tapes, has released a double cassette called Stage Poison on Unifactor.


Hahahaha, we are creeping closer to sliding/ my heartbeat just kicked up a notch. Settled down again, but there it is outside I hear it

Reverb echo perception one mic feeds into the other and back, a loop, mirror infinity

God it hurts like porcupines in my bloodstream

Your voice is a distorted click track, fading in and out and

collapsing on itself

I know you’re trying to reach me in here, but I can hardly make out your face

Lungs barely circulating air back and forth like a rusty reel-to-reel attempting to play and record itself at the same time Tape making tape babies Repopulate the audio stock.

Wait, air’s not supposed to stay in there, it’s supposed to go in as oxygen and come out

I’m terrified.

That bright light — it’s either light from beyond or paramedics shining a flashlight in my eyes. Can somebody give me an update on what’s happening? Did one of you call an ambulance?

I can’t feel my body anymore.


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