♫♪  Sigmund Washington - All My Mistakes Recorded

Drum circles are illegal in every state, so sax-led jams are led by the machines. It’s 2050 and humanity is okay because Chuck Person is Secretary of Defense. He has taken to learning from history’s mistakes, only to convert them into 128KB and distribute them to our enemies as overpriced cassette recordings. Chuck uses all proceeds to buy millions of gallons of groundwater from British Columbia to supply developing countries with life source. Free experimentation is the only commodity controlled through back channel tariffs and metro purists. Liberal comic owner Stan Lee Jr creates a character to symbolically fight evil within public transport’s graffiti jungle. Sigmund Washington is born. Those in power tremble.

Saxophone will cure everything: from a distrust of woodwinds to gross capitalistic ventures into publicly shunned stadium tours. Paxico Records, the label home of Sigmund Washington, calls All My Mistakes Recorded “a voyage not unlike one you might experience with a modern day Sun Ra at the helm.” Donate to the cause digitally below or donate to a physical cause through digital means here.

• Sigmund Washington: https://soundcloud.com/sigmund-1
• Paxico Records: https://paxicorecords.bandcamp.com

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