♫♪  Slow Pulse - “Hardware”

Move that “Hardware” like it’s making you dance. Feel the stiffness of your movements with a complete flow of rythm. Synth’d out sounds flaring around your ear drums like whispers of computer engines sustaining the candor of something potentially living, yet entirely electronic. “Hardware” driven by pulse. Emotion powered by an on switch. Stiffness like a microchip jammed in a jack too small for its size, but over-driving the necessity for energy. Like recharging a battery past it’s point of “full.”

Ride the speed of Slow Pulse. Feel their “Hardware.” Find out what’s the happ’s in a universe of mirrors. To be exact: Slow Pulse is the collaboration of synth-pire Xander Harris and moan-gazer Nicolas Nadeau (half of Single Lash… half-lash?) and they got a young Self-Titled release on Mirror Universe Tapes poppin’ off April 15 in edition of 100 that’s available for pre-order now! So enjoy the first taste of it listening to their single “Hardware” below:

• Single Lash: http://singlelash.bandcamp.com
• Xander Harris: http://xanderfuckingharris.blogspot.com
• Mirror Universe Tapes: http://www.mirroruniversetapes.com

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