♫♪   // Smurphy - “Garden #1 - #LAgardens”

There’s something really interesting going on in // Smurphy’s newest track “Garden #1 - #LAgardens.” What I noticed first, after all the beginning build-up, was the title in juxtaposition of this insane jungle beat she’s using as a melody rather than the rythm. As the rythm is just this thumping house beat, it arrives shortly after the introduction of quick-cut vocal sample, backed by a sort of underwater sound that shift pitches throughout the track. Yet, the package in totality IS (as the SoundCloud page hashtag-insinuates) trace. It’s like juggling all these bits of music and thoughts in your head while trying to remain calm, sitting in a fairly crowded garden, and a breeze lifts the hair on your arm. Everything is happening at once. Everything is fine.

Smurphy’s newest track “Garden #1 - #LAgardens” is streaming below; I heard this on a whim last night, and can’t stop it from repeating now:

Also, if you can’t fuck with Austin right now and are out west, head to her B2B set with D/P/I tonight at Hyperion Tavern:


• // Smurphy: https://soundcloud.com/djsmurphy

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