Acorn Tapes, you’ve done it again. Such curation! Such presentation! Such sonic delight! With the cluster fuck that is SoundCloud, I more than likely would’ve passed over SNK∆’s feed if I had stumbled across it late one night. I guess that’s why labels matter. Why tapes/LPs/CDs matter. There’s more of an impact, I suppose. With that said, all fifty copies of SNK∆’s TUTTI QUANTI are gone, but the stream is still going. So, I guess what I said is bullshit. Don’t listen to me. Formats are interchangeable. Music is music. Just bump it. Oh, and there’s a bunch of featured artists on this tape, too. Great. More introductions. More music! More flowing streams!! I’M DROWNING!!!

• SNK∆: https://snkabeatz.bandcamp.com/
• Acorn Tapes: https://acorntapes.bandcamp.com

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