♫♪  SONIKKU - “El Bombo”

Syria somehow releases deadly gasses on its people, somewhere. The whole world, and America — because fuck America — believe it’s the Syrian government, minus Russia. Russia: who’s been accused of helping Trump win the presidential election. But let’s pretend the Chinese president met with the leader of this “Free World” in [retirement-area] Florida. We bomb Afghanistan with some record breaking bomb (as-if “record breaking” we’re news at this point of that term being so overused). China is like “Yo, North Korea, homies!” Trump nods his “Make America Trump Again” cowboy hat with the brim of his Anlyy-Palmyy toward the sunset reflecting off his computer screen searching BangBus. Russia is like, “Yes. We help Chinese too, yes.” So they help Chinese and everyone is back at the square root of dancing to SONIKKU’s new single “El Bombo” off the new Lobster Theremin 12-inch, streaming below:

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