♫♪  Sour Gout - Dèrive

Dèrive: “a mode of experimental behavior linked to the conditions of urban society: a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances.” - Guy Debord

Late last night, after tossing and turning in bed for about three hours, I realized that even at 3am, London is really loud. It was a sinister realization and I actually can’t stop thinking about it: the city emits constant sound, it’s sonically overwhelming. At any given time, I can hear people, cars, aeroplanes or birds; screaming, banging, whirring, cawing or honking.

Listening to Sour Gout’s Dèrive and reading about the dèrive technique developed by Guy Debord really makes me want to explore this sonic maze that I’m a part of. If I had a day when I could drop everything and be “drawn by the attractions of the terrain”, where would I end up? I genuinely have no clue, but I’d like to find out. Maybe next week…

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