♫♪  South City Hardware - Redirected Midi

Hey, that didn’t last long at all! Third Kind Records went underground, hibernating away like a bear in the wintertime, like me taking a really long nap on a weekday afternoon after a tall glass of the finest craft beer I can get my hands on at one o’clock p.m. Eastern Standard Time. We really, honestly didn’t expect the label back so soon. Yet here they are.

South City Hardware is an IDM fan’s dream. Infused with samples (cleared? WHO CARES LIKE VAPORWAVE), Redirected Midi is two 12ish-minute tracks of whiplash head crankage, the digirhythms pinging and ponging like me a few craft beers in at my parents’ garage following the breakout of an actual game of ping-pong (wherein I utterly SLAY both of my brothers and my uncle and my parents and my wife and raise the house cup in triumph). That’s to say, there’s like a hundred things going on at once during “Hidden Machine 186” and “Wavescanning 169,” and all of them make my head feel a little fuzzy and my body feel a little warm.

I look down at my feet and they’re just wiggling, but angularly, and I can’t seem to stop them. I’m resolved to a life of stutter-stepping, as long as Redirected Midi is pumping through my earbuds. I am absolutely ready for anything, any movement, any shuck, any jive. I have only South City Hardware to thank for this. I am a golden ping-pong god.

(This is not the only comeback story over at the old Third Kind website …)

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