♫♪  SPF666 & MikeG - “Warworld”

Portland-based SPF666 and Austin-based MikeG join forces again after their Scorpion Cache remix to create a paradoxically chaotic yet extremely ordered track. “Warworld” keeps seeming like it’s going to bubble out of the pot, but then a cathedral bell or a human scream or a siren keeps it from boiling over. Both artists seem to have pushed each other to make something a little wilder and more cross-genre than when they produce alone, and influences of grime, vogue, jungle, and footwork are clear. 2014 is the year where almost any sort of sound can live in a club, and “Warworld” is a perfect example. Even a bunch of bright blips and screams that create a wall of semi-obnoxious sound can turn into a banger.

“Warworld” is out July 24 and will be featured on Main Course’s Snacks Vol. 5, out August 5.

• SPF 666: https://soundcloud.com/spf666
• MikeG: https://soundcloud.com/mikegbass
• Main Course: http://www.maincourse.me

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