Spoiler Alert
Spoiler Alert VII

Spoiler Alert is a Memphis, Tennessee-based blog/posse that emphasizes the city’s small albeit blossoming electronic music scene. Curated in large part by Clifton Anthony, who also boasts a deep list of monikers associated with the blog, Spoiler Alert has created a community of like-minded producers who meld trap beats, hypnagogic synth trails, and a clever blend of hip-hop and video game love to put a twist on the sound Memphis is famous for.

Their seventh mixtape has been curated by T∆NDEM and includes music from many Memphis producers, lovingly wrapped in psychedelic 8-bit bacon, doused in codeine, and served with a side of some fancy Japanese sauce. It’s a blood bath of hetero-ghetto-new-age-trap. This ain’t some chopped-and-screwed, 20th-century revival muzak-ass shit. The only vapors here are coming from your roommate’s vaporizer. Weird hodgepodge samples abound. Everybody gets a slice. You dig?

• Spoiler Alert: http://www.spoiler-alert.net

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CHOCOLATE GRINDER is our audio/visual section, with an emphasis on the lesser heard and lesser known. We aim to dig deep, but we’ll post any song or video we find interesting, big or small.