“More Quickly”

Squarehead is an Irish rock band, that, despite only having been formed in 2008, plays crunchy garage-pop that sounds straight out of 1992. The fuzz-o-meter is off the charts, the riffs are simple and catchy, and the entire package is very, very loud. “More Quickly,” a cut off the band’s upcoming split with So Cow on Inflated Records, shows off the group’s playful side, with a tug-of-war ensuing between dreamy Britpop and Nirvana-style anthemics. Nothing too fancy, and that’s what makes it so great. Plus, Morrissey went to see them, which, considering how grumpy he seems to be most of the time, says quite a lot.

• Squarehead: http://www.myspace.com/squareheadmusic
• Richter Collective: http://www.richtercollective.com
• Inflated Records: http://inflatedrecords.tumblr.com

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