♫♪  Stage Hands - “Adaptive Lines”

Yo, you know what? Unintentionally, I did the best thing I could for Stage Hands’ new single “Adaptive Lines,” which was waiting until Monday to write it up. As it had been posted by my boii Dwight @SecretDecoder last Wednesday, and one-half of Stage Hands, co-creator of My Idea of Fun Brandon Locher sliced me a few days before, sitting on this track was totally worth the wait. Like, it fits perfectly in light with Monday morning, going to work on a holiday, and feeling the build up of the day.

Weather is brisk and rings out a hollow chill that warms as vibrations bounce back and fourth, as does clothes against skin and hair against heat. Stage Hands help me grip my wheel and flick on their new track “Adaptive Lines” through my car stereo. Typically I’m listening to Beyonce’s new album by this time cause of the bass, but WAIT, duo Gerald Mattis and Locher both banging this beat into new horizons as my work blues melt away and give me room to breathe, GAT DAMN! And Sean Jackson on that KORG MS2000 melodying out some nasty-nice is like massaging my brain of all the toxins of the weekend, ready for new ones I’ll recieve via e-mail throughout the week.

Follow the My Idea of Fun homepage and SoundCloud for updates on new release, cover art is called “Mazes to the Motherlode XXX” by Locher, but in the mean time, flee your anxiety by streaming Strange Hands’ single “Adaptive Lines” below:

• My Idea of Fun: http://www.myideaoffun.org

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