♫♪  Steve Moore - “Deep Time”

Two-thousand word think-piece on how the drone/noise and electronic/techno undergrounds creep closer together in every boundary-blurring release from each camp: go!

Well, if you take a few steps back and think about it, these scenes have been culling from the same influences, using the same gear, and gravitating toward the same extended, repetition-based song structures since their most primordial origins, dating back to —

(((p(>o<)q))) STFU, MAN! !! !!! 凸(`△´+)Damn.
I’m tryna sink into this new Steve Moore jam.

Lush synth tones straight from the midnight drive montage of a horror score. A rhythmic grid so deliberate in its creeping trajectory, until… that beat. Uhhhnnnnnnnnnn yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. Grid complicated, rhythms overlapping, head bobbing → I’m locked into “Deep Time” (streaming below):

Steve Moore, one half of cosmic synth prog-lords Zombi (soon to be on tour with GOBLIN [yeah(!!!)]), continues his sterling solo catalog with Pangaea Ultima, a new LP due December 16 on Spectrum Spools. Peep that Robert Beatty cover art (yeah). Preorder it now and project your mind to the future moment of its arrival at your home. Oh, how thrilled you look. Now come back to the present, grease up your elbows, and toil your way through this work-a-day existence until that moment arrives IRL.

• Steve Moore: http://stevemoore2600.tumblr.com
• Spectrum Spools: http://editionsmego.com/releases/spectrum-spools

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