♫♪  SU-NAMI - Nostalgia

Stuck in it; not knowing how to get out of it. Loaded up docks and packaged parcels might as well be past thoughts. How told can a story be before it loses meaning? Gettin’ good and lost with this one. Let those snaps snap and that buried kick kick. Hued like a two-toned shadow, these burnt snow globes eat polished dust for breakfast. Sorry, I just sniffed some glue. Anywho, what I was saying is this is goody goody, all drenched in the transformative power of loops, gutted of TRUE surprise, replaced with the comfort of familiarity and all the glory of minor shifts. Type of shit to remind you of being reminded. Water erodes the outer layer, but still leaves signs and traces. Memories collect. Hard to escape.

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past…

Edition of 15 cassettes on Scenic Rhythms.

• SU-NAMI: https://soundcloud.com/su-nami-the-based-pahroah
• Scenic Rhythms: http://scenicrhythms.wix.com/scenicrhythms

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