♫♪  Sult + Lasse Marhaug - Harpoon

I don’t care much for peace. The sudden noises and rapid flashes of light that I have feared since birth may have something to do with it. The green rocking of the old whaler doesn’t help. I’m hunched over in several ways, flimsy from all the friction and mutiny. Multiple systems fail. One pops out of my chest, skips across the deck and goes overboard. Another curls down towards the sleeping quarters, burns the hay. The fire doesn’t hurt. There are holes at the bottom anyway.

I pray one system will curl into a black tooth, because that’s the only way to do business here. Curl into a black tooth and hack away, then bury the filings with the jewels in an old chest below Oak Island.

Now it’s good and buried. I know that a time capsule only works if you let it sit for awhile. But I have trouble sitting still. So I’m down here—too soon to know—with gear and all, scraping, and frowning with fury. Jewels won’t come out clean using the gear in this way. Jewels will come out scratched. To all hell they’re not polished.

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