♫♪  Svengalisghost - “Nightwalker”

The sound of the chase, striking in its methodical vibe. This is ritualized industrial at its finest. Far from an open-and-shut case, “Nightwalker” is an asymmetrical crime scene, its roaring drums the footprints over neon-light illuminated blood splatters. There’s no respite whatsoever, not for this victim. You’ll stumble through this alley way as an arpeggiated razor blade assaults you every which way. Evil? Svengalighost could make the case for such, with his shadowy, bruised mutterings over this onslaught of a track. More than that though, this is straight up inhuman. A Nightmare on Elm Street, Chicago-style.

TV Live is the upcoming LP from Svengalisghost on L.I.E.S. Records. The nightmare is here November 23.

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