To be as real as I can get, and only writing in regard to Swan Meat: I’m not sure if “OFFERED U” is actually trolling me. It’s a FACT this track fits right at home with ZONΞ ΞATΞR’s sampling antics, for sure. But both are tapping into a genre that’s typically unsampled — generically “metal” or “post-hardcore” — and since I used to love this type of music, it’s a strange nostalgic zone to be in for me because I enjoy the modalities Swan Meat stems from, but secretly. Like, I LOVE metal/hardcore/grind, etc. But openly do I tell people or write about this? Not very often. But now it’s coming in a way where producers are sampling it with club violence colture. And with the erratic contributions of ERISA, “OFFERED U” becomes this strange anthem of belief that one can always represent another in an interest or feeling without complete connection. Separation anxiety, tho:

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