Sylvia Monnier
“Theresa Russell” / “Delphine Seyrig”

After a teaser of a mix, Sacred Phrases held their promise, and Stock Shot & Addictive Sling by Sylvia Monnier already exceeds glorious expectations with two tracks:

“Theresa Russell”

It’s as though Sylvia Monnier were eaves dropping a field recording of some bard chilling out in the woods, peacefully strumming away on some magical harp that coils natural sounds in harmony with its melody, gliding like the dew does when misting off the mountain side, topped into a cloud of moisture absorbing within the microphone, and out “Theresa Russell.”

“Delphine Seyrig”

“Delphine Seyrig” is more of the stalker type-field recording that follows [someone] from car-ride into tunnel throughout a mall maybe, into a crooning synthetic instrumental weaving a drowning bass line along the foundation with staggering forfeit and diabolical collide.

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