♫♪  T & P - “Shoot The Freak”

Tim Sweeney is a national treasure. The DJ, who’s been running his Beats in Space show continuously on WNYU 89.1 FM every Tuesday night since fucking 1999 (!!!), has become something of a New York legend, always playing the best NY parties, contributing killer mixes for labels like DFA and RVNG Intl., even putting together GTA soundtracks before it was cool. If Sweeney’s on it, you know it’s gonna be good.

Here the man returns with Frankfurt house veteran Phillip Lauer (of Tuff City Kids’ fame) to bring us Shoot the Freak, a new 12-inch under their T & P moniker from Sweeney’s Beats in Space label. Minimal without growing boring, subtle without the heavy-handed pretensions, the record’s first single (coincidentally also titled “Shoot The Freak”) is a massive four-on-the-floor banger, riddled with classic 909 high-hats and acid 303 basslines, sharp side-chaining and looped vocal samples. The record swells up into classic house euphoria, racing through filters to pull something stunning through the mix.

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