♫♪  T R R U E N O - MECHA01

Over two decades ago, Robin Dunbar came up with what is now appropriately known as Dunbar’s Number: “a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships.” It ranges from the small number in your close proximity group (5 best friends, family members) to the absolute maximum of matching a face to a name (1500). Dunbar’s Number is one of capacity, how many random access memories can I cram into a 9” x 6” sphere before I start every conversation with “hey friends” to not subtly bring up the point they don’t mean all that much.

What’s the Dunbar Number of bands? How many bands and band information can I cram in that 9” x 6” area? The intimate proximity group is probably higher, maybe. But at what point do I forget a song that broke the Hot 100 one week in 2004 and received mild radio play? What percentage of Bandcamp pages who pop up in a feed get remembered by anyone outside the close proximity group of its creator?

What I’m getting at is what is the number of bands/kids from high school I need to forget about to make space for the Argentian-based T R R U E N O collective.

Their first collection (featuring QEEI, Astrosuka, Bungalovv, Ornamenti d’Oro, big remix from Partisan are out now.

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