♫♪  Testament - “Native Blood”

Four years is too long to go by without some new Testament tunes, but on July 31, the band is slated to make its triumphant return with Dark Roots of Earth. Judging from the sound of “Native Blood,” we’re in for a treat: almost 30 years later, the California band continues to dole out pulverizing thrash with just enough melody to keep you humming (or growling, or yowling, or whatever) for days. After several years of waiting, that blistering solo at 2:47 is the lacerating, loving homecoming fans have been yearning for. Nuclear Blast has uploaded 90 second clips of most of the album’s tracks, so get pumped!

• Testament: http://testamentlegions.com
• Nuclear Blast: http://www.nuclearblastusa.com

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