♫♪  Texhychytol - Met Life Mix

Hide your face with your fingers, hold ‘em there to increase the tension, and then emerge when the time is right. Peekaboo, pal.

I find it funny that many of the ways we entertain children simulate the concept of birth — catching them at the end of the slide’s plastic canal; absently letting them click their way into the section of YouTube where eerily giddy grade school hatch giant Kinder eggs — in their world you’re either emerging from something, or you’re watching something else do the same.

On her debut EP release for Horrible Recordings, Texhychytol plays both parts, represented on Met Life Mix’s cover art. As egg, she emerges from non-existence, her work rippling with newborn exuberance and a sense of play handed down by her Warp Records forebears. As chicken, she conjures sliced nightcore samples and drops them them in a bustling city of breakbeats.

Opener “Extremely Saliva”, a pulsing cut of mini-game background ambience, hits immediately. It’s meant to be played on repeat. Kicks an tinny squeals hash out a hobbling groove that urges you to danced like you’ve been damned to Twin Peaks’ Red Room. Pivot on your right foot: lose yourself in the zigzags. The Yakui remix of that same track doesn’t slap with the same force, but it doesn’t have to. It stutters instead, flooding the mix with plosive chops that melt into a monologue of rhythm and harmony.

There’s little to no biographical data about Texhychytol online, but her lack of persona is made up for by sheer generative force. Met Life Mix is a sonic Hatchimal that never fails to surprise.

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