♫♪  Tha Raw - “SparklefuQ”

Tha Raw are eclectic but hardly. No snorin’ to Zorn here. They got that southern blues rock medley thing going on, with as much musicology as abandon. “SparklefuQ” works the genre blender proficiently, making the blender’s typically rough eclectic sound easier on the ears. Maybe because the arranged miscellany makes “What I’d Say” its centerpiece. Wonderful, sweet, soulful Ray Charles. And the lyrical sentiment But you treat me like a machine — no matter who says it, how they say it, when they say it — I will always connect with. The human brain is no computer, dammit. I’m friggin’ tired of the “let the machines do their thing” attitude. Machines are stupid, subservient to our design. Our time is wasted as we wait for them to catch up with the ferocity of our own parasupercomputer brains. Buffering loading calculating. Can a computer ramble like I do? Now tell me what’d I say? You go listen to your dial-tone, I’m gonna listen to some musicians ramble, dammit, gonna listen to some humans work away at some clunky instruments, give them some stick; it’s refreshing, and not in any kind of vaporwave pepsi commercial refreshing. Refreshing more like your favorite beer commercial. Here’s mine.

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