The Downs
“Swamp Swag”

It is obviously and unquestionably the truth that Winning Sperm Party are, for the vast foreseeable future, the best-named record label currently operating (though there is arguably competition from A Beard Of Snails and Sonic Oyster). The label has become something of a hubbub for all Scottish acts who laugh mockingly in the face of moulds (see Plaaydoh, Phat Trophies, and (personal favorite here) Ultimate Thrush). Winning Sperm has consequently taken it upon itself to distribute this physical manifestation of 1s and 0s upended into the world by new Glasgow label Stabbed In The Back.

The Downs are taking back wah-wah from pub funk and recovering gothic-galloping guitar music from overblown melodrama. Two important and magnificent accomplishments, of course, but it doesn’t simply stop there. Their music is also listenable.

• Winning Sperm Party:
• Stabbed In The Back:

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