The Exhalers
“Pearls and Shells”

João Costa Gonçalves, the precocious mind responsible for Mediafired and JCCG, has just dropped a coaxing new track with The Exhalers. This peachy addition to the ultra-tight handles he has attached himself to of late sprinkles cardinal flecks of fluorescence on the direction that this innovative artist from Coimbra, Portugal is taking us in. What lies in store, especially for those who have been following the artistic ripples of like-minded practitioners throughout the year, is a revealing and consistently gratifying audio journey that has already surpassed critical expectations over the illustrious tide of vaporwave and through the perplexing realm of eccojams.

The Exhalers sees Gonçalves crossing new currents, particularly on “Pearls and Shells,” which bears witness to tranquil frequency processing and aquatic-ambient textures that come complete with an extra helping of warm Mondego flows and crisp feedback. Check out this gorgeous little number below and keep your ears open for more echolocation and splendor from The Exhalers on the Exo Tapes SoundCloud.

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[Images: Gil]

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