♫♪  The Oracle DJ - Derealization [mixtape]

Ultra-lush vibes aura off the Derealization [mixtape]. Lush in light of sheer concision and the smooth fluidity of The Oracle DJ’s foresight and perception. Gripping at Farsi, dancehall, riddims, experimental, hip-hop, remix culture, mixtape reel swag, mystique swirl, etc., the Derealization [mixtape] breaks down every bit of that genre stability and forms it’s own front. And whether you’ve been sober forever, years, months, days, hours, minutes, The Oracle DJ will take you to new musical highs. Not only is it a danceable mix; not only does this mix pump that Monday drawl; Derealization [mixtape] got fresh lounge beat. It’s both maximum chill zones and burnin’ feet beating. And as it’s less than 38 minutes, totally GREEN in the sense of repeat listens. Get recyclable, yo!

Also, if you live fairly close to the New York City area get STOKED, The Oracle DJ (a.k.a. Sam Hillmer, a.k.a. Diamond Terrifier) will be hosting a mixtape release party every Monday this month in the Ace Hotel lobby. Yes. You’ve FIVE chances to lax on the Derealization [mixtape] zone, and knowing Hillmer, it’ll be some different whacked out AWESOME sounds each time. Come on out! I’ll definitely be there on Dec. 30, and probz before. Ace Hotel looks lux too!

Stream the immensity of The Oracle DJ’s Derealization [mixtape] below:

• The Oracle DJ: http://www.diamondterrifier.com

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